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Hi again.

As a programmer working on my own startup, every day brings new challenges in the areas of software development and infrastructure. I had to explore and implement infrastructures that are suitable for my development needs and learn new technologies that I'm pursuing as part of my startup. I'm learning a lot from googling and want to give back by journal'ing roadblocks I overcome..

Two near-future posts I've been collecting data about are 1. building something resembling a "datagrid" in xamarin forms that binds to a List<Dictionary> and 2. implementing a continuous integration development environment.


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Xamarin.Forms OnPlatform - TabbedPage vs NavigationPage

I switched my start page from a NavigationPage to a TabbedPage and all of a sudden the content overwrote the the carrier/battery row. I looked into this and discovered that the TabbedPage does not offset itself below this header in iOS (but works for android and windows). The solution is to add a platform dependent offset or padding thickness of 20 pixels. top 200 iOS apps

Repurposed to present the iOS app data I've collected over the years. It shows the top 200 FREE, PAID, and GROSSING iOS apps on the apple app store along w/ their deltas over several time periods. I've used this report to help guide my investments in the mobile app space. Here's a screenshot: